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Moving the Oakland A’s: Money Vs. Tradition

It seems ironic. At a time major league baseball executives say they’re worried that the number of African Americans playing in the big leagues continues to drop, commissioner Bud Selig is considering allowing the Oakland Athletics to move to San Jose. Back in the 1970s, 27 percent of those playing in the majors were black. […]

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Should SF Believe the Warriors?

The Golden State Warriors’ public relations game plan to win quick approval of their proposed basketball arena along the San Francisco waterfront has been masterful so far, but team management may have just made its first mistake: misleading sportswriters, fans and potential season ticket holders about the status of center, Andrew Bogut’s broken ankle. What […]

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Santorum leaves, and with him goes California GOP’s edge

Rick Santorum’s decision to drop out of the presidential race may have brought a sigh of relief to Mitt Romney and the GOP establishment, but sometimes what’s good for a political party nationally, harms the party at a local level. One of those times is now. Santorum’s decision was a wish come true for most […]

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