Crisis Communications

An organization’s reputation is its most treasured asset. That reputation can take decades to build, but if a crisis is mishandled, just minutes to crumble.

In the 21st century, good news travels fast, bad news travels faster. When a crisis hits, you can’t afford to fumble, searching for the proper way to respond. The response needs to be almost immediate.

The best defense is advance preparation: a detailed action plan that anticipates every threat.

Shandobil Communications can work with you to develop that plan and be there to provide support when a crisis hits. With decades of experience meeting high pressure broadcast deadlines, Randy Shandobil can help you respond to the media whirlwind.

Airline disasters, natural disasters, oil spills, political scandals, government investigations, product tampering, product recalls, work site accidents, criminal investigations, allegations of harassment, discrimination and financial malfeasance… as a journalist, Shandobil has covered it all. He knows what the media will ask during a crisis and he knows how elected leaders and the public will likely respond.



  • Examine vulnerabilities: what crisis is your organization susceptible to?
  • Help create a crisis communication team and a crisis chain of command.
  • Develop a media strategy: create lines of communication ahead of time.
  • Pre-draft crisis messages and develop message templates.
  • Anticipate questions the media is likely to ask during a crisis.
  • Perform crisis exercises: test the crisis plan.
  • Train the organization spokesperson.
  • Work to balance legal risk and public relations obligations.


  • Support spokesperson: help devise messages and prepare the spokesperson for harsh media questions.
  • Become part of organization’s response team.
  • Help get message out via web sites, intranet sites, and mass notification systems.
  • Help organization re-establish credibility and confidence with internal and external audiences.
  • Work with organization to correct any errors that led to the crisis and work to repair organization’s reputation.