Frequently Asked Questions

Where do you conduct your training sessions?

We are located in the San Francisco Bay Area, but generally, we come to you and set up our sessions at your site. If you prefer to have your training away from your offices, we will set up in an office suite or conference center near you.

What are your rates?

Fees for Shandobil Communications vary depending on several things, such as the number of people to be trained and whether the training you prefer requires a half-day session, a full day session or an on-going program. Other factors that could affect rates include how much on-camera training you prefer and whether extra reporters are brought in for interview drills. After we discuss your particular needs and goals, we will then be able to quote a price.

How many people do you train in a session?

We most often do sessions for individuals and small groups. For on-camera training, limiting the session to four or fewer is best. Without on-camera training, we can handle much larger groups.

What types of media do you help clients prepare for?

We handle all types of media and all types of media opportunities: newspaper interviews, TV and radio interviews, live interviews, satellite interviews, recorded interviews, press conferences, and internet interviews. We have also helped clients prepare for Editorial Board meetings and for testifying before the United States Senate.

What about discretion?

As a former journalist, who many times had to rely on sources who preferred to remain anonymous, I can guarantee our services will remain confidential if that is what you desire. In fact, you may have noticed that our published list of clients is not a long one. This is because some of clients prefer that the public not know they have reached out to us.

President Obama isn’t a client of yours, is he?

Of course not! The photographs of Barack Obama, George W. Bush, Jerry Brown and others come from KTVU-TV news interviews. They are not meant to imply endorsements; rather they are included to highlight our journalistic experience.