Yes on 39

In 2012, Shandobil Communications wrote and produced campaign ads for YES on 39, the November 2012 ballot initiative that closed a corporate tax loophole that only benefitted out-of-state corporations.

The Shandobil Communications ads, which ran early in the campaign, were designed to shame four giant corporations into giving up their plans to oppose Proposition 39. Chrysler, General Motors, International Paper and Kimberly Clark were poised to invest tens of millions of dollars into the No on 39 campaign, but within days of our ads hitting the air, all four corporations pulled their money out of the No on 39 campaign.

Proposition 39 easily passed, winning 61 percent of the vote.

Before Proposition 39, language in the California tax code actually incentivized corporations to move jobs and facilities out of California, costing the state $1 billion per year in lost tax dollars. Since 39’s passage, all of that lost revenue has been recovered. Half of it goes to clean energy programs in California, the remaining money goes to the state’s general fund.